Microtek (Changzhou) Product Services Co., Ltd. is a leading third-party testing agency, serving electronic and polymeric material manufacturing industry worldwide. It is operated in accordance with the ISO/IEC17025: 2017 management system, accredited by CNAS and CMA and capable of issuing internationally recognized test and analysis reports. The lab is a CQC licensed lab for "Non-metal materials" including printed circuit boards (PCB), copper-clad laminates (CCL) and plastics. We are also the product service center for CPCA, an authorized training center for IPC-6012, IPC-A-610 & IPC-A-600, as well as a validation services certified test laboratory for IPC-6012C. In addition, our lab has the capability of temperature and humidity calibration as recognized by CNAS and we serve the PCB and CCL manufacturers and end customers all over the world.

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          Mr. Bob Neves' Bio

          Bob Neves is a current board member of IPC, the association connecting electronics Industries. He was inducted into the IPC Hall of Fame, the IPC's highest lifetime honor. He has earned the IPC Presidents award and Dieter Bergman IPC Fellow award for his long term service to the electronics industry. He has served as the IPC's TAEC Chairman, Rigid Board General Committee chairman, HDI General Committee chairman, Rigid Board Test Method Task Group chairman, Laboratory Qualifications (IPC-QL-653) Committee chairman, EXPO project committee member...

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